Knoxville TN

Knox County LawChapter 6 of the Knox County Code deals with animals. To download this section of the Knox County Code, click on the button below. The file is in PDF format and is about 50kb.
Knoxville City Ordinances Chapter 5 of the Knoxville City Code of Ordinances deals with animals.

All of the Knoxville City Ordinances can be viewed at Municode at:


If you live within the city limits, all of your pets are required to possess a city tag.

Your pet must have an up to date Rabies Vaccine in order to purchase the tag. This tag must be purchased annually and worn by your pet, just like the Rabies tag.

We offer the sale of City tags, as do most veterinarians in the city. We must see a current Rabies certificate prior to purchase.


Altered Animals: $5.00

Unaltered Animals: $15.00