Owners reclaiming pets are required to pay a kenneling fee to cover the cost of care their pet received while at Young-Williams Animal Center.  These fees are separate from any court costs that may be associated with a leash law or other ordinance violation.

Fees are due in full at the time the pet is released from YWAC and can be paid using credit card, cash or check.  Two phone numbers and a driver’s license number must be provided if paying by check.  You will receive a receipt for your payment.





  • Impound/Redemption of reclaimed pets

$30.00 for 1st offense

$60.00 for 2nd offense within a one year time frame

$90.00 for 3rd offense with a one year time frame

  • Boarding- $10.00/day
  • Bite Quarantine- $100.00 fee in addition to $10.00/ day boarding for a maximum total of $200.00
  • City tags- $5.00 for altered pets, $15.00 for unaltered pets
    • Must bring proof of rabies and spay/neuter
  • Any animal brought in to the facility by animal control MAY have citations in addition to the shelter impound fees
  • Any animal brought into our facility from outside of Knox County is subject to a $20.00 out of county fee.
  • Microchipping – $20.00