Lost a Pet?

Lola Love-22336209(3)If you have lost pet in Knoxville City or Knox County:

  • Put up flyers in the area where the pet is missing from
  • Come to the shelter Lost and Found department to look for your lost pet.  Pets cannot be identified by phone due to the volume of animals our shelter receives on a daily basis. After being shown all the animals, if you pet is not here:
    • Post in our lost and found pet log
  • Call surrounding county shelters and try to see if someone brought your pet there
  • Check the local newspapers and craigslist and place a listing
  • Call local vets and call the UT vet school to see if any injured animals have been brought there
  • Check the shelter a minimum of every other day to look for your pet.  Pets can easily show up at the shelter a month later, long after the owners stop looking, try to look for a minimum of two weeks to a month.

Helpful lost and found phone #’s:

  • Young-Williams Animal Center                                             865-215-6599
  • Blount County Animal Center                                                865-980-6244
  • Grainger County                                                                        865-567-0050
  • Jefferson County Humane Society                                           865-475-8930
  • Loudon Co Animal Shelter                                                     865-458-5593
  • Maryville City Shelter                                                             865-681-2241
  • Oak Ridge Animal Shelter (Anderson County)                     865-425-3423
  • Sevier Co Humane Society                                                    865-453-7000
  • Roane Co Animal Shelter                                                      865-354-7387
  • Union Co Humane Society                                                    865-992-7969
  • UT Veterinary Hospital                                                         865-974-8387

 Click here to see photos of our current stray pets