Furry Friends

Chestnut-22392916(2)This unique program allows animal-lovers of all ages to help an adoptable animal without committing to an adoption.

Currently, it costs us a minimum of $225 to provide food, vet care, vaccines, spay or neuter surgery, and a microchip for each animal who comes to our shelter.  Your gift of at least $50 will go toward the care of a specific animal waiting to be adopted.  We will let you know which animal received your gift and his or her kennel will display a bright paw print with your name!

A Furry Friend sponsorship is a great way to show your support for our adoption program, and it’s also a thoughtful gift idea. Sponsorships can be made in honor of someone special or in memory of a favorite pet.

You can donate online here or you can also print the sponsorship form and fax to (865)215-6667 or e-mail to snguyen@young-williams.org

FoYWAC FF donation form 2011